sábado, 22 de outubro de 2011

I dont go in castle, in my home,my soul is funny and idiot, I dont walk for to dark,
this is more bad, I lost more in the dark scInsanity, divide your mind in various personality, in hour this, in hour other...., disturb of personality, but, those
spirit, the holy spirit, dont broken for the god,.... in this school, and other schools, dark, insanity, lucifer...., those all scholls, is school of the earth, but know, the realy
school of criation, this dont is know for we....I believe and crithmas scholl....,but not revelead for criation...., and this is dogmas, more people dont know the revelation pure, essencial, use this is name in favor the other peploe, but the holy
spirit revelation, peak of peak, in cult everay day...., more revelatio more crazy...

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