terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

Quatro poesias em ingles...male ma....


My soul is anyware place
Very days go in time fast
I know in all, but, the life is misterious
The waves is hard, any tima me broke

And my life is in hands
I don´t go free
But, know little mensagens
Who listen for me

Much voices calling my soul
I am, very atormented
The truth and lie
Come in my mind

Who I am felling this
A fear in my soul
I fight every day
Against for the falses mensagens

Who me some think good
Is my fight for the war
And , the angels
Calling my soul

I fight, fight
Iam here
I am live
Look my force, I am here

Much know in my destiny

Lost in the world
Many kinds of know
many filosofi in the earth
My mind can confuse

Arrows come
I don´t place for me
The time is fast
Know, where go my life

I know, Know
Every day
I crazy, I normal
I look my future destiny

Entrelaced is my hearth
Lost in words
He say for me
And I can Crazy

Not good crazy
I can felling liberted
But, the demons
No can, I look for my future

I am anywhare croos and darkness

My parents say
For don´t play hard
But, I want this
But, I fear for live

In the school´s life
I am felling
All in my hearth
All past in my mind

I don´t last any words
Words the book os instruation
Many words, I can´t understand
I know in many system

Play for me
I not understand
Holy, Sinner
People anyware places

The priest or no
The sinner or no
The truth or the lie
Many words for me

I feelling lost
I am in the hall of lost´s worlds

Fast, the life don´t wait

When, I am feeling the life
When, Iam feeling live
Many days, go in
The time don´t wait for me

My fifiteen
My generation
My friends
My girlfriend

Go to the past
I want many life
But, the time don´t wait for me
I don´t live from my past

This life is here
I take the she
I take for all
In my live

But, don´t all is good
I think in my destiny
For fronteirs live
My soul want life

I not many words
So, truth words
My mind understand
I go in to the play life

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